Frequently Asked Questions

What should I/we wear?

It is best to keep clothing simple, avoiding logos or busy patterns. I always suggest layers/textures. In group photos, color coordinating is always more pleasing to the eye. Wear clothes that represent you and who you are. Feel free to bring a change of clothing.

What to bring?

For family and/or children photo sessions: outfit changes, a drink, favorite toy. Please make sure your little one has been fed and had a nap before the photo session for a more comfortable and positive experience.

How long does the photo shoot session last?

The actual session itself usually lasts about 1 hours or up to 3 hours for a newborn session.

How do we book you?

Simply let me know you would like to book a photo shoot session, what dates work best for you and what type of session you are looking for through my contact page or email me at [email protected]. For birthday party photography please send me your date, venue location and I will email you with more information.

When will I receive my photos?

After the photo shoot session, I will spend about two weeks to lightly touch up, color corrected all of your photos. By then, you will receive my email with a link to your photos for you to choose. After I receive your final selection, I will need 2-4 weeks to touch up the photos. Once the photos are developed and the DVD is burned, I will message you for collection.

Where will the photos be taken? Do you have a studio?

The location of the photo session is up to you. If the photos are taken at our home studio, external flash will be available. Once your photo shoot date is booked we will discuss what type of feel you are looking for in your photographs, we can then work together to come up with the perfect location. Newborn photo sessions are almost always held within the comfort of your own home.

I love doing photography for any occasion. If you have an occasion in mind you do not see listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Or if you have any questions about anything you see, please let me know. I would love to hear from you. Thank you!